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We will give your current PPC campaigns a full health check - Obligation Free. If you are not currently running one, we can assess your industry and provide you a full proposal with recommendations on what will give you the largest ROI.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, essentially PPC Marketing is an online advertising platform which places advertising copy above or beside the organic search results in a search engine’s (search) results, this is based on the specific keywords used in an individual’s search.

A business who utilises PPC Advertising will select keywords relevant to their business so when the prospective customer searches for “Dog Kennels, Tauranga” for example the advertisers ‘advertisement’ will appear.


The phrase Pay Per Click refers to the advertiser (business) paying a set fee to direct traffic to their website. This fee is payable once the ‘visitor’ clicks through and lands on your website. The advertiser nominates a fee they are comfortable paying for example anywhere from $10 to $5000 a day. Once the daily amount allocated has been used, the advertisement will no longer appear for that day.

How does PPC Advertising work?

An advertiser (you) will select targeted keywords relevant to their business/website to drive traffic to their website to ensure a conversion/sale. The reason why Keywords and Keyword research are of the utmost importance to capitalise on this online advertising campaign is to ensure the right web traffic is visiting your website to maximise their time spent on your site.


To do this the keywords need to be relevant to your business/website, otherwise your whole campaign will be inefficient. There is no point sending traffic to your website when that traffic has no interest in what you’re offering. The more relevant your keywords, the better your return on investment (ROI). In selecting your keywords make the list exhaustive, take into account the most popular searches as well as the more random search phrases individuals use.


It’s 100 % measurable to run a PPC Marketing campaign. There is no money wasted on advertising this way. You will know the amount of impressions of your ad copy appearing, how many people clicked through from the advertisement to your website, how much money each click costs you, how many conversions there were once on your website. These are important to know to ensure you and your Pay Per Click account manager can ensure you are getting a decent Return on Investment for your money spent on your online campaign.


It’s extremely cost effective for all businesses big and small. You only pay for the individuals who click on your advertisement and who land on your website and keep in mind you can set your daily budget whether it be $10 to $5000, you get to decide what dollar amount you can afford to spend.


Another benefit of PPC Marketing is how targeted the advertisement is. It’s imperative to use these functions to achieve a positive ROI, for example Location Targeting; Search engines will let you target your ad to specific Geographic locations like ‘Tauranga‘. This is based on whether the user is either in the location physically or they’re searching for a business in a location they are not currently present at.

What's Included in Adwords Management Service?

Ad Text Creation

We'll create highly converting and attractive Ad Copy for your campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking and testing whole conversion funnel for you.

PPC Monitoring

PPC monitoring for best results and low cost.

Competitive Research

We'll do competitive research and target low cost but converting keywords.

Keyword Discovery and Selection

Selecting right keywords, and create converting ad copies.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Helping in improving your landing pages and make them converting very well.

Google Adwords Marketing

Google Adwords is an online marketing tool for businesses who are aiming to attract more traffic to their website.


The huge positive with Adwords is that you only pay for visitors who click through and land on your website. Every time an individual conducts a search on Google, an online auction is created.


This is where it becomes a little more complicated.
Essentially the auction is created based on the keywords which the individual has typed into Googles search bar. The results which appear are based on the advertisers AdRank.


Every advertiser (business) competes against one another, based on a few select criteria. This criteria makes up their AdRank, such as the maximum bid made on a keyword and their quality score; Quality score is made up of Click Through Rate (CTR) on the advertisement, the quality of the Landing Page and the relevance of the keywords used. This is to make sure the website is the most relevant for the individual conducting the search.

A business needs to either conduct extensive research into what keywords are the most relevant and useful to their website. Otherwise hire a specialist account manager to manage the campaign.


They will place maximum bids on the keywords chosen, making sure they are highly targeted to the business or website. This ensures the best possible outcome from the traffic which visits the website.


Google Quality Score: The maximum bid placed isn’t necessarily what you will end up paying once a visitor clicks through to your website, due to the other criteria required. The advertisements will appear either above or next to the organic search results listed on Google.


Due to the targeted nature of the results listed, the traffic which visits your website is highly qualified meaning more qualified leads to your business, ending in better Return on Investment for your advertising spend.

Bing Ads

Bing Adwords (Bing Ads) is an online advertising platform also known as PPC (pay per click) the paid advertisements are listed on Yahoo and Bings search engines. Where they are placed either above or beside the organically listed search results.


Pay per click advertising is when an advertiser (business) only pays for every visitor who clicks through on their advertisement and ultimately lands on their website.


Like Google Adwords, Bing uses a formula to calculate where a PPC advertisement will place
(rank) next to other businesses bidding on the same keywords. For instance, Bing will take into account the amount an advertiser has bid on a particular keyword and also the click through rate (quality score) of their website.


Bing wants advertisers to write the best advertising copy. This will appeal to the potential website visitors. Also it will ensure the keywords the webmaster has chosen are relevant to their business and that potential visitors only receive search results which will entice them onto the advertisers website.

Bing Ads incorporates features which will allow advertisers to only display their ad on specific days of the week and even specific times of the day. This Scheduling can have a huge impact on the overall spend of the Pay Per Click Campaign

The most beneficial feature of Bing Adwords is the focus on targeted advertising, the business selects the most relevant and comprehensive list of keywords which targets what type of business they’re offering, the location of the business, any speciality services and so on. This means the visitors who land on the businesses website are already highly qualified which makes the final step of calling the business or visiting the business location so much quicker making return on investment is ensured.


It’s also highly cost effective, meaning the business is able to set the maximum bid they are happy to pay for each keyword and also the ability to set daily limits whether it be from $10 to $5,000 a day. Once the daily limit is reached there are no other fees and if the limit isn’t reached the leftover amount is rolled into the following day.


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