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The Future of SEO in Auckland

There have been dramatic upheavals in the past few years when it comes to SEO. What may have worked in the past is by no means going to work in the future as well. So how does a business owner plan a successful SEO strategy to help them make the most of their business? It’s simple. Here are a few trends which would be a constant in the future of SEO. Read on to see what the experts at SEO Auckland have to say.

Future trends in SEO

  • Google would be making use of different signals and logarithms to come up with the right search results. These would at times seem beyond reach of even the most expert SEO specialist. However constant research and hard work would definitely help. Make sure you choose SEO Auckland for all your SEO needs.
  • The mobile search volume is going to keep rising when it would come to searching for web pages. In fact it’s almost exceeded the desktop searches conducted by users. This is because more and more people are trying to access the net using their mobile devices. Thus it is essential that your website should have a mobile version along with a desktop version as well.
  • People will make use of voice search on an ongoing basis, this also extends to the use of natural language when searching for a product or a web page. Google on the other hand is making heavy investments in understanding semantics and context.
  • Negative SEO would be considered a major threat to the SEO industry and Google would ensure that its curtailed at all times. Negative SEO refers to an act which at any time might threaten competitors search engine rankings. So how do you know that you might be a victim of negative SEO? Simple, you just need to check your backlinks once or twice a month. This can be done by the team of SEO specialists whom you have hired to help you.
  • There would be more severe algorithms against spam and low quality websites. For those business owners who haven’t had their websites designed by an SEO expert might face backlash at one time or the other.
  • There would be a growing interest in APP SEO. This would mean that all apps would be indexed and more investments would be made in apps which promote SEO.

There would be a rapid expansion in the nontraditional SEO methods thanks to the growing rise in vice search. As the search becomes more user based, SEO experts have to come up with new strategies to match Google’s user centric approach. There would also be an increase in paid search elements. Businesses could benefit from advertising their wares on Google, however the power of SEO shouldn’t be under estimated in any way either.

So what are you thinking, make sure you contact SEO Auckland for all your content based needs? Plus if you are looking to revamp your website, SEO Auckland is the right choice for you.