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Bing Ads


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Bing Adwords (Bing Ads) is an online advertising platform also known as PPC (pay per click) the paid advertisements are listed on Yahoo and Bings search engines. Where they are placed either above or beside the organically listed search results.

Pay Per Click advertising is when an advertiser (business) only pays for every visitor who clicks through on their advertisment and ultimately lands on their website.

Like Google Adwords, Bing uses a formula to calculate where a PPC advertisment will place
(rank) next to other businesses bidding on the same keywords. For instance, Bing will take into account the amount an advertiser has bid on a particular keyword and also the click through rate (quality score) of their website.

Bing wants advertisers to write the best advertising copy. This will appeal to the potential website visitors. Also it will ensure the keywords the webmaster has chosen are relevant to their business and that potential visitors only receive search results which will entice them onto the advertisers website.


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Bing Ads incorporates features which will allow advertisers to only display their ad on specific days of the week and even specific times of the day. This Scheduling can have a huge impact on the overall spend of the Pay Per Click Campaign

The most beneficial feature of Bing Adwords is the focus on targeted advertising, the business selects the most relevant and comprehensive list of keywords which targets what type of business they’re offering, the location of the business, any speciality services and so on. This means the visitors who land on the businesses website are already highly qualified which makes the final step of calling the business or visiting the business location so much quicker making return on investment is ensured.

It’s also highly cost effective, meaning the business is able to set the maximum bid they are happy to pay for each keyword and also the ability to set daily limits whether it be from $10 to $5,000 a day. Once the daily limit is reached there are no other fees and if the limit isn’t reached the leftover amount is rolled into the following day.