Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Why is Twitter Marketing an essential part of your Social Strategy?


There are over 2.8 million active users a month on Twitter, this is highly important to businesses who are aiming to bring in additional revenue and potential customers. The figure isn’t nearly as high as Facebook’s users however as a business it’s imperative to advertise across all platforms.

The way Twitter Advertising works for business is Twitter use “promoted tweets’, ‘promoted accounts’ and ‘promoted trends’ really in the same way their organic content works. As a twitter user you are able to interact with the promoted content in the same way you interact with organic content. The promoted (advertised) content is clearly labelled with a promoted icon. Your business name is also clearly associated with this promoted icon, making it easier for potential customers to identify your business/brand.

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How Twitter Advertising works

The most important feature is how exactly this can drive traffic to your website or even bring business through to your front door. When a twitter user registers for a twitter account they provide information which is then utilised by twitter to identify promoted content which may interest the user. Additionally every time a user searches for a particular phrase or who they may follow, tweet and even which tweets they interact with, Twitter then uses this information to tailor what promoted content to display which is relevant to what the user is interacting or searching for. This is incredibly important to a business/advertiser as their promoted material is only shown to users who are actually interested in the content again this makes it an important marketing tool to generate visitors to your site as well as a decent return on investment. As a business you also have the ability to target specific keywords, similar in the way you might for Google Adwords campaigns, these keywords will only work once a user types the keywords into a search, bringing your promoted content/advertisement up.

Pay per Click (PPC) is now available on the Twitter platform
Learn how to engage consumers and place your services where people are looking. Fully customisable and targeted.

A great benefit to twitter advertising is the ability to ensure it’s working the right way for your business, you receive reports based on how much it’s costing you per follow (CPF), number of times users have seen your ad, how many times your ad has been clicked on and your follow rate. A business will also receive information about their followers such as their gender, interests and location this is important to establish who are most interested in your product and also gives you the ability to create advertising based on what interests your customers/followers.

Twitter advertising is also very cost-effective meaning you only pay for your advertising when someone clicks follow on your promoted content (advertisement). Twitter also gives you the ability to set your own daily budget, this is great because it means once your daily budget is met you won’t pay any more than your budget allows.

Once users click on follow promoted content, those followers are now organic, they are now classed as organic followers which ensures you pay no more to update them on your business activities including sales, new staff, changes to your business and tweets which are relevant to your industry. It’s important to keep your followers engaged with information which is interesting and relevant.

After all, you’re not a sheep are you?
So stop following and start being followed