Google Plus Marketing

Googles own Sharing Platform

Google Plus (Google+) Marketing is the process of advertising your business on Google+ social media platform. This one question seems to have divided the marketing community:
“Does marketing your business on Google+ give you any advantages?”

We have always been a firm believer that it does. Not just for expanding your capture market and increasing your brand awareness, but it also give’s your business additional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits.
Google+ was launched in 2011 and is not considered as just a plain socialising platform, but is something completely different and unique in the digital space. The Google Plus platform is a layer that covers the entire Google suite of products and can be integrated and used with:

  • Gmail/Inbox
  • YouTube
  • Calendars
  • Android Platform
  • App Integration

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Explaining the platform to clients can be a long drawn-out process. It’s easy enough to say: “It’s a social media marketing platform; Similar to Facebook and Twitter” – the only problem with this, is that it is not truth.
Google+ offers a unique experience that is integrated with other products that Google have, including Google Drive – Cloud storage. Google Plus unites end users whilst still introducing the essential communication, social and people elements.

It can be quite difficult to explain the navigation of Google Plus, so jumping in and trying it is probably your best bet if you are trying to familiarise yourself with the social platform.

So why is Google+ Important?

The first impression of your business matters, if you do not have a unique and intriguing Google plus profile page, consumers are more likely to move onto the next business in the rotation.
Ensure your page is well branded with cover and profile pictures making sure your business stands out from your competitors
Make sure the message your are sending via your Google+ profile and business page are a direct reflection of what your business website offers or portrays
Google places is essential for any business. It starts here, with your Google+ Business page.
Google wants to connect local consumers with local business. So let them.

As social media marketing becomes common place in many businesses, Google+ offers real time connections with your client base and have now opened the Google+ platform to offer #Hashtags.

You can be rewarded with a higher search rank if you are implementing the right #hashtags and the correct time. Twitter marketing is a perfect example of #hashtag marketing at it’s finest. Having #hashtags crawled by the algorithm has given companies another avenue to get to the top of search results.

Although no one will ever know for certain how to get to the number 1 spot on Google search results, we know for certain that having a fully optimised Google+ Business page will go a long way in ensuring you have the best possible chance.


Why use Google+ in your digital marketing strategy


Google Plus offers businesses social layer integration across Google products.
Google+ is a Google product, ignoring the social platform is like ignoring Google itself. We all know by now that doing this is a fundamental business mistake, so don’t risk it.

Key Advantages of Google+ for business

  • Huge advantages in Social Media Marketing Engagement
  • Page and Domain authority building
  • Integrated inline with two major products: YouTube and Google Adwords
  • Offers cloud service (Google Drive – 15GB online storage)
  • New and exciting tools for measuring ROI
  • High end surfacing of content (Social SEO) in the Google SERPs

Google Plus allows businesses to gain 3 important factors:


These are essential elements to search engine optimisation success. Google+ offering this to business owners, for essentially just using the social platform, is an easy win – Take advantage of it whilst you can!

The SEO game has changed; the black hat techniques or underground ‘dark art’ has been superseded by unique, informative, relevant and contextual content. To enhance the new strategy, Google+ gives you Trust, Reputation and Authority straight off the bat. No need to hunt the web trying to find webmasters to crack a ‘deal’ with.