Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Like, Share and Promote your Brand

Like, Share and Promote Your Brand

Facebook Advertising works in a couple of different ways. The most important part of this is to create a page for your business. The Facebook business page needs to attract an audience and in doing so attract potential customers and people who are interested in your product to then ‘like’ your page. The ‘likes’ are imperative to attract more prospective clients to find you and then create a great word of mouth.

How can businesses bring in more ‘likes’?

As a business it’s important to find relevant information about your product or service and then share interesting content (articles, videos etc.) which will gain your followers attention so then they not only like it but they want to share the information to their friends. This helps you as a business in it will further show your business page and information to a wider and wider audience.

Businesses need to be aware how important it is to consistently update their business profile with relevant information, whether it be articles based on your industry, exclusive offers or sales you’d like to promote or any changes to the day to day activity of how your business runs. Any very important posts you are able to pin to the very top of your business feed so to not miss any of your customer’s attention.

It’s also imperative to encourage activity on your business profile whether you do this by encouraging check ins, responding to any comments or posts from prospects or even creating promotions exclusive to Facebook.


How can Facebook Advertising benefit your business?

Facebook Ads

Facebook likes to be liked

The other way to advertise on Facebook is to create an Ad, this is an efficient way to bring traffic to your website and also to ensure prospects head to your Facebook page. The great thing about Facebook Ads is the targeting feature, this is to target the audience you most think will need or use your product in the future, for example targeting by Gender, relationship status, employment status, interests, education, age and what they ‘like’ on Facebook. This is an amazing feature as there are 1.28 Billion active users in a month and it’s the second most visited site after google, the amount of prospects out there who are available are nearly limitless and as a business you wouldn’t want to miss out on the amount of prospects who are using Facebook daily.

In creating a Facebook Ad you are able to send prospects to either Facebook pages or profiles you admin or external websites (Business websites) you are also able to set objectives when creating your ad whether it’s for website conversion or page likes.

Another benefit in using Facebook as an advertising platform is the ability to see your potential audience size (the amount of people potentially looking at your advert). This coupled with the added bonus of creating multiple ads with different logos, images and unique designs makes it a lucrative option in testing how many more prospects you can attract. The reason why creating different ads is important is to find out exactly what ads are the ones which are attracting the most visitors, once figured out you can cancel the ads not doing so well and put more energy into the ones which are working the best.

In creating a Facebook Ad you are creating more flexibility with your Facebook Advertising, they are more flexible than Google Adwords in how you can extend your character length for the description and also add images to the advertisement. This also extends to user engagement because facebook users are visiting the website not only to consume the information available but to also further share it and also create it. This helps loyalty to your business profile and also to your business which is clearly important in any marketing plan. Users are typically using facebook multiple times a day which can ensure people are engaging with your business page multiple times and increasing further awareness with their friends.

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