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The huge positive with Google Adwords is that you only pay for the visits that click on your advertisement and land on your website. Every time an individual conducts a search on Google, an online auction is created.
This is where it becomes a little more complicated.
Essentially the auction is created based on the keywords which the individual has typed into Google’s search bar (keywords). The results which appear are based on the advertiser’s AdRank.
Every advertiser (business) competes against one another, based on a few select criteria. This criteria makes up their AdRank, such as:

  • Your current maximum bid made on a keyword and what it’s quality score currently is
  • Quality score is made up of Click Through Rate (CTR) on the advertisement
  • Quality of the Landing Page and the relevance of the keywords used.

This is to make sure the website is the most relevant for the individual conducting the search. After all, Googles entire brand is built on providing consumers with the most relevant search results.

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Targeted New Zealand Adword Campaigns
Targeted Google Adwords Campaigns

A business needs to either conduct extensive research into what keywords are the most relevant and useful to their website. Otherwise hire a specialist account manager to manage the campaign.
They will place maximum bids on the keywords chosen, making sure they are highly targeted to the business or website. This ensures the best possible outcome from the traffic which visits the website.

google adwords quality score

Google Quality Score

The maximum bid placed isn’t necessarily what you will end up paying once a visitor clicks through to your website, due to other criteria required. The advertisements will appear at the top of the results page, above all organic search results.
The traffic which visits your website is highly qualified and targeted meaning more qualified leads.

  • Your click-through rate (CTR).
  • The relevance of each keyword to its ad group.
  • Landing page quality and relevance.
  • The relevance of your ad text.
  • Your historical AdWords account performance.

Our team are fully certified and trained to always aim for the highest possible return for the client. Our Goals are to drive the most traffic to your site, staying within your budget.

Keyword Choices

The keywords that you target are the foundation of the campaign. Everything from impressions, clicks, traffic and ultimately conversions are based on the keywords you choose at the beginning of the campaign.


Keyword Planner

These tricks of the trade will give you a better understanding of how to use the Keyword Planner to your advantage. Don’t stop here though – you never know what you may uncover!

Keyword Research via Googles Keyword Planner

4 Types of Keywords

These will give you the jumpstart you are after – use these as your basis for the campaign and implement any other tips you find along the way. Our bit of advice: Trail, monitor, analyze, repeat.

Google Adwords Keyword Funnel