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What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, essentially PPC Marketing is an online advertising platform which places advertising snippets above the organic search results in a search engine’s (search) results, these are based on the specific keywords used in an individual’s search. A business who utilises PPC Advertising will select keywords relevant to their business so when the prospective customer searches for “Dog Kennels, Tauranga” for example the advertisers ‘advertisement’ will appear at the top of the results.

The phrase Pay Per Click refers to the advertiser (business) paying a set fee to direct traffic to their website. This fee is payable once the ‘visitor’ clicks through and lands on your website. The advertiser nominates a fee or budget that they are comfortable paying. For example anywhere from $10 to $5000 a day. Once the daily amount allocated has been used, the advertisement will no longer appear for that day. There are three main platforms for implementing a PPC Campaign:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Bing Ads
  3. Social Media Marketing

How does PPC Advertising work?

An advertiser or business will select targeted keywords relevant to their business/website to drive traffic to their website to ensure a conversion/sale. The reason why Keywords and Keyword research are of the utmost importance is to ensure you capitalise on the PPC advertising campaign. It ensures the right web traffic is visiting your website to maximise their time spent on your site. To do this the keywords need to be relevant to your business/website, otherwise your whole campaign will be inefficient. There is no point sending traffic to your website when that traffic has no interest in what you’re offering. The more relevant your keywords, the better your return on investment (ROI). In selecting your keywords make the list exhaustive, take into account the most popular searches as well as the more random search phrases individuals use.

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Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

It’s 100 % measurable to run a PPC Marketing campaign. There is no money wasted on advertising this way. You will know:

  • the amount of impressions that your ad copy gains,
  • how many people clicked through from the advertisement to your website,
  • how much money each click costs you,
  • how many conversions there were once on your website.

These are important to know to ensure you and your Pay Per Click account manager can customise your campaign and get a decent Return on Investment for your money spent on your online advertising.

It’s extremely cost effective for all businesses big and small. You only pay for the individuals who click on your advertisement and who land on your website and keep in mind you can set your daily budget. whether it be $10 to $5000, you get to decide what investment you can afford to implement.

Another benefit of PPC Marketing is how targeted the advertisement is. It’s imperative to use these functions to achieve a positive ROI, for example: Location Targeting; Search engines will let you target your ad to specific Geographic locations like ‘Auckland‘. This is based on whether the user is either in the location physically or they’re searching for a business in a location they are not currently present at.