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First we believe it important to explain what National SEO really is because there are so many companies in New Zealand selling top page rankings. As a business, we’re sure you have been on the receiving end of phone calls telling you what your business needs to do to survive in today’s climate. The salesperson wouldn’t have actually taking the time to explain how National SEO works and why you need it to be a real competitor in the New Zealand digital marketplace.

National SEO ServicesNationally targeted search engine optimisation is the process of analysing and improving your website to make it search engine friendly. The two essential areas are onsite and offsite, which means looking in-depth at everything from the links to and from your site, improve your site map, fix any issues with your robot txt, beef up your content and make it more relevant and interesting and most importantly where your business currently ranks on Google in New Zealand.

First of all it’s imperative to know what you’d like to get out of your New Zealand SEO campaign. If you are a small businesses trading in a localised area, you would get a higher return on investment with the local SEO packages.
National SEO packages target New Zealand in its entirely. This means you will be found in all areas of New Zealand, from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Now if you’re an e-commerce website or store and sell or deliver your goods to all of New Zealand, then targeting nationally with Search Engine Optimisation would be the best fit.

Can you service the leads?

When you are looking at starting a New Zealand wide SEO Campaign there are a couple of key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Can I service all of New Zealand?
  • Do I want to be fielding calls from all over the country?
  • Are you looking to expand, or a least maintain your companies size?
  • Do you plan on retiring or putting the business out to pasture anytime soon?
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