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Global SEO Services New ZealandGlobal SEO is here to ensure that your website is ready for the world. Optimising your website with multilingual content, Top Level Domains (TLD’s) and/or tags, allowing it to be found in Global and Local search engines.

As the Internet gets larger – the world gets smaller

Internet globalisation has made unreachable target audiences not only accessible to a local market, but they can now be viewed by millions of people all over the world. This all means that you and your business can target clients that you never thought possible. The possibilities for your business are now phenomenal. An International SEO campaign is essentially the same foundation as our other search engine optimisation packages but with additional benefits of incorporating major and global brands.

We put your company in the same ‘playpen’ as your major worldwide competitors whilst highlighting your key points of difference. We aim to distinguish you against your competitors and highlight your key products or services.

Taking on the world with Global Search Engine Optimisation is no small feat. It takes time, patience and precise engineering with the technicality aspects of SEO and with administration. When you are looking to compete in the worldwide marketplace everything needs to be incredibly accurate, making sure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted so to speak.

When you are looking at Global or International SEO, you first need to look at your site and ensure your website is ready to be taken global.

The first step to taking your business to a global or international audience is to ensure your website is ready to go.

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Website Structure or Architecture

The setup of your website and its structure is one of the most important factors when looking to target a Global market. As always website content will play a major role in ensuring your website is found in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) Internationally.

There are 3 major ways you can portray this to your clients with language specific content:


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Website Language Options

This option gives you the flexibility to treat the domain as a brand new site: New Theme, Schema, MarkUp etc. This allows you to generate country specific (or Language specific) content for your set target audience. This has clear advantages, keeping in mind it will need to be unique to be in line with Googles Panda Algorithm.

The downside to using subdomains is that your Domain Authority (DA) will only partially (or sometimes) flow through to your subdomain. We are aware that an internal page with good DA will rank without external backlinks – Articles on Wikipedia are a great example.

Maintenance of your new website will also become a cost to your business. Being unique, you will have DNS, Content Management System (CMS) and themes or in essence – an entire new site to maintain.

Nearly polar opposites to using subdomains (as above)
You keep your precious Domain Authority, but at what cost?

Depending on your chosen CMS and if your content varies from page to page, you may be limited by site framework.

With the subfolders you will see the best return upfront but over time it will become your less effective option.

This provides the strongest signals to both consumers (your clients) and the SERPs to which country you are targeting.
You can tailor your site and customise the user experience to each target country, thus becoming a ‘local search’ experience to the end user.
This is most likely the best option for most businesses but it does incur the most resources, costs and investment. You are running individual websites.

ccTLD’s allow you to have complete control over which countries you target with which language specific content.

Small time pain for long term gain: This is ccTLD

On Page International SEO

Utilising and setting your character set in HTML markup allows you to define the character set rather than letting the search engines assume one for you.

One of the most important factors: Hreflang – It is an annotation supported by both Yandex (Russia’s largest search engine) and Google. It strongly recommends to the search engines, the language and country, that the content is targeted and intended for.

Surprisingly often overlooked when it comes to research.

It is incredibly important that you are targeting the correct keywords. Seems basic doesn’t it – we spend hours on the keyword tool researching for our websites in the home country, why should it not be important for the international SEO? It is.

Although ‘SEO Auckland’ maybe the key term in New Zealand – I can assure you it’s not the term to use when targeting France for example.


Gain or acquire local, relevant and contextual backlinks from local sites. Search Engines take into account the country of origin of links when determining where to place your site in the SERPs.

Ensure you are active in the targeted country, make use of Press releases, gain partnerships with other web masters, build trust with companies that your product or services complement – not competitors obviously.

Make competitor research or link research a priority before launching into another country. By assessing what type of links and more importantly, where these links are coming form will give you a leg up before investing the time, money and manpower into marketing to another country.

Use tools like or which are internationally targeted.