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Advanced Marketing Ltd are a full digital marketing agency that offer a complete suite of online products to our clients. We are a New Zealand owned and operated SEO Company that specialises in all forms of Digital Marketing. Whether you are a Blue chip company needing advice on your strategy or you are a start up business targeting the trade sector, we are your ‘one stop shop’.

We believe in offering first class customer service and complete transparency across the board. The industry is somewhat regarded to be surrounded by smoke and mirrors – we are a leader in change and promote a business partnership with our clientele rather than a company that provides a service.

NZ’s Digital Marketing Agency that gets results!

Implementing a successful Digital Strategy involves our team of experts working alongside your company and organisation to understand the vision, goals and opportunities for the business. This allows us to maximise the benefits of your marketing so you receive a larger return on your investment.

Online usage is only going to continue to grow at a rapid rate over the coming years. As the next generation is brought up with Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops – It highlights the reliance we as a society has placed upon these products. The human race are being absorbed into this technology realm, and there is no going back.

Every business now requires to have at least a presence on the major search engines and hiring a company ensures you are found. In the more competitive markets, companies are spending millions of dollars annually on Digital Marketing to ensure they keep their noses in front of the competitors. The impact of a successful digital marketing strategy directly affects the bottom line of every business – This figure can be huge both in the profit and the expenditure columns.

If you are looking for a premium marketing partner that will handle every aspect of your digital advertising, we are New Zealand’s premium partner. We will guide you through all the options available and take time to understand your business needs and recommend a digital strategy that not only fits your business model, but also suits your budget

Essentially there four golden rules that the foundation of the strategy is based upon:

  1. Identify the opportunities where an online solution will benefit the business.
  2. Understand the goals of the company and align these with the key opportunities and challenges that could be met along the way.
  3. Create a vision surrounding the digital products and how they will fulfill the businesses needs and assist towards the goals and challenges that may present themselves.
  4. Proposing and prioritising an online strategy that will deliver the business the vision.

“We’re experts in achieving clients business goals by understanding the challenges of the Digital Marketing industry & providing real time, real life solutions that ensure we finish on top!”

In addition to the core elements, Advanced Marketing Ltd will also investigate your main competitors. This will not only give your business a clear understanding on what activity they have in the marketplace, but also allow us to foresee additional opportunities and areas where we can create a point of difference.

In the current marketplace, every business has different needs, a true Digital Agency will customise a strategy; Because after all, Digital advertising is not a ‘one size fits all‘ concept. When looking at implementing a strategy, you need to look at all areas of the business and gain a complete understanding of what goals are in place and how the digital and online marketplace will assist in achieving these.

Advanced Marketing will look at all areas of your business and then align what products are required to ensure you meet the required targets.
What suits your business will not suit the next client that comes on board. This is why Advanced Marketing offer the full suite of digital advertising services to our client base.

Call us today to arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements and goals. Together we will customise a digital strategy that will work for your business in today’s marketplace.
We are the Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on achieving results. Bringing the best of the Asia-Pacific region, home.